SEAFOOD MARKET  msc certified

If you are seeking the best, our Seafood Market brand is the choice for you. Packed from only the top of the trip, this line of dry scallops is for the discerning at-home chef that wants the best.  Seafood Market is the World’s Best! Seafood Market scallops are all-natural, chemical free and sustainably sourced. Wild Caught Product of the USA, MSC certified, harvested from the pristine deep waters of the North and mid- Atlantic Ocean. They range in size from U-10 to 20-30 pack.  Seafood Market – scallops as they should be.


A simple seafood offering that meets our customer’s demand for great flavor and convenience. Wild and sustainably caught scallops are harvested by our boats fishing the Atlantic Ocean. Gourmet sauces are made with quality ingredients and packed in the bag with our scallops. These rich and flavorful sauces combine nicely with tender scallops for a delicious meal on its own or served with pasta or rice. Experience seashore dining without ever leaving your seat. These succulent sea scallops, swimming in a flavorful sauce, provide a restaurant experience right at home.



Seafood Market Brand Calamari is a simple seafood offering that meets consumer demand for convenience and great flavor. Wild Caught squid is caught daily by our vessels fishing the Atlantic Ocean. Oven ready and available in 10 oz portions.  Tender and sweet, lightly breaded with a hint of sea salt and pepper or beer-battered rings.  Ready to cook, from the pan to the plate in minutes.


Commonly referred to as poor man’s lobster, Monkfish has a firm texture that can be baked, grilled or sautéed as a center of the plate entrée. This delicious fish will transport you to sunset dinners on the dock in a seaside town.


Mostly found in niche upscale markets; black sea bass is becoming a popular seafood menu item.  With a delicate sweet flavor and a firm and moderately fatty flesh, black sea bass is a true gourmet fillet. Experience seashore dining without ever leaving your home.

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