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March 3, 2020 – Lund’s Fisheries is pleased to announce that it has acquired New Bedford, Massachusetts-based JT Sea Products. With this acquisition, Lund’s is looking forward to expanding its fresh scallop product lines and gaining a new presence in the nation’s highest-revenue fishing port.

“We’re excited for the opportunities that a presence in New Bedford can offer,” said Wayne Reichle, President of Lund’s Fisheries. “Being at the center of the Atlantic scallop fishery gives us access to the infrastructure to offer our customers new and exciting products.”


One opportunity is that Lund’s will be able to expand its existing scallop offerings and sell fresh sea scallops landed in the port of New Bedford. JT Sea Products’ fresh scallop brands, including JT’s and C Spot, will join Lund’s Sea Legend brand, which will now offer fresh scallops in addition to frozen scallops, currently offered out of Lund’s Cape May, New Jersey facility.


“Lund’s is one of America’s premier seafood businesses, and has a sterling reputation for high quality products,” said New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell. “Its major investment in the Port of New Bedford bolsters our status as the center of commercial fishing on the East Coast.”


“Our diverse fisheries — fin fish, shellfish, crustaceans, dogfish, and skate — have made New Bedford the most economically valuable fishing port in the nation,” said Ed Anthes-Washburn, Executive Director of the Port of New Bedford. “We are proud that the ready availability of quality Atlantic scallops has attracted a respected company such as Lund’s to invest in our port.”


JT Sea Products has a 30-year history in New Bedford, having been founded by Jimmy Thompson in 1987 as a boutique scallop house. In that time, it has become renowned for its commitment to delivering high-quality, hand-graded, premium scallops, as well as for its customer service. Its extensive customer base extends across the United States and Canada.


While Lund’s is looking to build on JT’s existing footprint in New Bedford by offering new products, such as fresh calamari, the company will also be keeping what works: JT’s current employees, facilities, product lines, and customers will all remain in place as part of the acquisition. Most notably, Erin Marshall House, JT’s General Manager and Sales Manager, will remain with the company in an expanded role.


“The experienced, long-time crew at JT Sea Products will continue to work with us provide the quality product and service that their customers have come to expect,” said Reichle. “We are thrilled to be working with them to grow our business and grow with the City and Port of New Bedford.”


To learn more come by and visit Lund’s Fisheries and JT Sea Products during the Seafood Expo North American in Boston, Massachusetts. Both number 951, Mach 15-17,2020 or go to www.lundsfish.com or www.jtseaproducts.com


About Lund’s Fisheries Inc.
Lund’s Fisheries, Inc. is a family-owned company and primary producer of fresh and frozen seafood located in Cape May, N.J. Lund’s purchases, produces and distributes nearly 75 million pounds of fresh and frozen fish annually. Its fresh and frozen domestic sales stretch nationwide while its frozen exports extend to markets around the world. Lund’s has about 30 fishing vessels delivering a variety of seafood to its facility year round. Lund’s is committed to developing and managing systems and practices to track seafood back to the harvest location to ensure it is sourced from fisheries that are well-managed, certified sustainable or actively working towards implementing more responsible and sustainable harvesting practices.




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